Monday, February 28, 2011


In 2006? for President's day, the fam (minus d) took a trip to D's hometown: San Luis Obispo. This is a sand-dollar I found at some beach on the way.. It was whole when I picked it up, but got crushed before we made it back to berkeley.
That was a pretty awesome trip.. I remember driving along the 1, and everyone oohing and ahhing over the views, but B couldn't look, too terrified of heights to take his eyes of the road.

Man, there are so many memories from that trip.. it was just one weekend, but so much happened.. we ate at all the iconic slo places.. went to bubblegum alley:

hiked to the top of the town hill.. I can't remember what it is called..

jumped off sand dunes..

hiked to a waterfall..
I just remember driving around in D's honda listening to Smashing Pumpkins on tape..
and one night D's mom gave us a gift certificate to some hot springs that she was never going to use. We took the opportunity and tried out the place.. which was more like a couples' retreat place, and we had our own private enclosed sulfur spring hot tub thing.. hahaha ridiculous.

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